Yayasan Pengaman Malaysia was formed on the 12 of May 2011 via the conversion of name from Yayasan Perwira which has been established since 12 December 2001.


Pengaman was formed for the purpose of managing the welfare while striving for recognition of Royal Malaysian Police retirees and personnel.


Pengaman other objectives include performing various research and supporting the Malaysian government on national security issues and agenda.


Pengaman is lead by a Board of Trustees (BoT) lead by our charismatic chairman YBhg Tan Sri Norian Mai and supported by our patron YBhg Tun Hanif Omar.



Yayasan Pengaman Malaysia is a Malaysian registered Non Governmental Organization ("NGO") which was established on the 12th of May 2011 to enhance the relationship and bring together the cooperation between retired senior Royal Malaysian Police ("RMP") officers, RMP retiree welfare organisations and local Malaysian NGO leaders.

The Vision and Mission of Yayasan Pengaman Malaysia are as follows;



"Achieve Prosperity For RMP Retirees And To Preserve National Security."



"Enrich The National Security Ecosystem Via Focus Towards Prosperity For RMP Retirees And The Population. "



The objectives of Yayasan Pengaman Malaysia include the following;

  • To support the RMP service mandate and charter.
  • To execute relevant research on current national security issues.
  • Act as a main reference source on national security issues.
  • To move the RMP retirees to parry and reject the issues that challenge national security.
  • to enhance the relationship between RMP retirees and the Malaysian government.
  • To prioritize the welfare of the RMP retirees and their families.
  • To play a part in promoting and acquiring recognition on the excellence and heroism of RMP personnel.
  • To execute various projects so the children of RMP personnel and retiree can achieve life and academic excellence.