For Kids & Teens

We have programs that is specially designed for kids and teenagers to motivate them, instil spirit and vision in them so that they will be successful in their lives.

For Parents

We hold seminars and activities for our personnel and retirees that is specially developed to make them better parents and bring out the best in their children.

For Personnel

We organise various programs for our RMP personnel and retirees to help them cope with their lives and various life situations so that they are able to cope and adapt.


Pengaman is also involved in various programs and activities in various areas including charity and relief, research and development, advisory and consulting and others.


One of Yayasan Pengaman Malaysia's major initiative is to hold various programs throughout year, targeting various age segments of the community,  which are designed to assist and support the target segment to achieve their immediate and long term objectives.  Some of the programs are as follows;

1. 'Dekad Kecemerlangan Anak-Anak Polis' (DAKAP) 

Is a program for young children of our retirees and RMP personnel which is between 7 to 12 years old.  The main goal of the program is to motivate them and provide them with a positive mindset towards their life, focussing on their education, especially on important examinations such as UPSR and others.


2. 'Anak Remaja Berwawasan' (AKRAB) 

Is a program for teenagers and is primarily designed to instil spirit and motivation in them to produce teenagers who are not just motivated but also those who has vision in their lives and be successful in whatever they do and in turn will become visionaries for the community or nation.


3. 'Kursus Peralihan Bakal-Bakal Pesara PDRM' 

Is our program focussing on the RMP personnel who are about to retire and is designed to help the future retirees to cope and adapt with their new lives while giving them some ideas and tips on what to do with the new way of life.


4. 'Seminar Keibubapaan Cemerlang' 

Is a seminar which we organize to help our RMP personnel and retirees to become better parents and help them bring up the best in their children.



Please contact Yayasan Pengaman Malaysia via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enquire on our programs and / or activities