Alhamdulilah, I am so grateful to Allah S.W.T that with His blessing, Yayasan Pengaman Malaysia (PENGAMAN) has been successfully established.

PENGAMAN was established on the 12th of  May 2011 as an NGO that is objective orientated that unites the cooperation of senior retirees of the RMP, various RMP welfare association and foundations, various local NGO leaders, together supporting the government's efforts to maintain the peace and prosperity of the country. 

PENGAMAN vision is to achieve prosperity for the retires of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) whilst it's  mission is to enhance and enrich the national security ecosystem with focus on the wellbeing of the RMP retirees and the population. As a non Governmental Organization (NGO), PENGAMAN also will provide recommendations and suggestions to the government for the sake of national security and peace.

Other than RMP retirees, PENGAMAN also focuses on those about to retire, RMP personnel, children of RMP personnel in an effort to manage the welfare of the RMP family.  Various programs has been planned and executed between PENGAMAN and RMP.  One of the programs executed include the Retirement Life Transition Program for RMP personnel who are about to retire, Effective Parenting for RMP personnel, Decade of Academic Excellence (DAKAP) and Visionary Teenagers (AKRAB) courses for RMP personnel children which is runned at every RMP contingent throughout Malaysia.  It is hopes that with the assistance from the government, these beneficial programs will be able to be continued and enhanced and other programs be planned and developed in the future.  Other than that, PENGAMAN also under its own initiative manage the welfare of RMP personnel from various other perspectives such as the execution of the collection to assist RMP personnel affected by the previous flood.  We wish to extend our deepest appreciation on all the assistance and contribution from all that was involved in the initiative.

Lastly, i would like to thank all parties that visit the new PENGAMAN web portal.  It is hope that all that is published in this portal will be a good reference and useful input to all that may be shared with all the communities out there.  At the same time, I would like to call upon all within the RMP family especially the RMP retirees to support all the good efforts that has been executed and implemented to achieve  the vision and missions of PENGAMAN for mutual benefits and success in line with maintaining national security, peace and harmony.

Yours Truly,


Chairman, Yayasan Pengaman Malaysia